A collection of fun stories that will inspire you to take daily field trips

A Different View on Field Trips

For me, a field trip isn’t just an outing. It is anything that shows us something new, shifts our perspective, fires up our imagination, or challenges us to grow. A field trip is a mindset for finding fun and expanding our capacity for happiness.

The suggested field trips cover a whole range of activities. You’ll find no-cost, empathy-building experiences, low-cost, perspective-changing expeditions, and high-end, boundary-pushing adventures. From tasting new cuisine to trying white water rafting, my field trips abound in new encounters.

Your new lifestyle starts today

This book is the ultimate antidote to “doomscrolling,” Video meetings, and binge-watching. EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP urges readers to break out of their sedentary routines so that they can discover the restorative power of playing and exploring—even (or especially) if it takes them outside their comfort zone.

Based on Real-Life Experiences

While this book shows how I built field trips into every stage of life, it doesn’t present the picture-perfect world normally peddled by lifestyle influencers. I incorporate anecdotes both funny and tragic into my field trip suggestions, to serve as a way for you to better connect with the EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP attitude, making EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP as entertaining as it is informative.


If EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP sounds like an exciting way to live your life, we would love for you to join our field trip community. Join us as we share adventures that will allow people to connect with others, and experience fun in all its myriad forms.