About the Author

Get to Know the Author of EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP

An Adventure-Seeking Explorer

I’ve spent my whole life blurring the boundaries between work and play. Being a fun seeker since childhood, I figured out how to take every opportunity to do the things I love—playing sports, eating good food, connecting with people, and seeing the world.

Balancing Work and Play

My career as a corporate executive in the franchise business took me all over the U.S. and Europe. On my trips, I indulged my strong desire to explore during free time, visiting new places and trying new things. I then shed my nine-to-five life like an old suit and now work as an entrepreneur. One thing has not changed, I still fit fun wherever and whenever I can.

Making the Most Out of Every Moment

As a nature lover, theatergoer, music fan, and experience collector; I am living proof that every day can be a field trip. My new mission is to get folks to stop limiting play to weekends and vacations and incorporate it into every possible moment.